Interview with the President of POLSKA EKOLOGIA

Dubai, 24.08.2023

An Interview with Paweł Krajmas, President of 'POLSKA EKOLOGIA' - the Association of Polish Organic Food Producers and Processors, executing the project 'Organic Food from the EU - A Good Choice'. The campaign, which started in March 2023 in the United Arab Emirates, is expected to last three years.

What does the 'POLSKA EKOLOGIA' association entail?

‘POLSKA EKOLOGIA’, known officially as the Association of Polish Organic Food Producers and Processors, was established in 2006. The association gathers producers who have embarked on the production of food from organic materials, convinced that these products are more valuable for humans. Our association operates across the entire expanse of Poland, and it currently holds the distinction of being the largest organization within its sector in the country.

Our membership includes a diverse array of producers and processors operating across various agri-food sectors, encompassing milk and dairy products, pork and beef, as well as their derivatives, poultry and its associated products, cereals and cereal products, and an assortment of fruits and vegetables along with their processed variants.

What was the rationale behind launching the EU's project for promoting eco-food products in the UAE? What goal does it aim to achieve?

The initiation of the project to promote EU eco-food products in the UAE is grounded in our belief in the substantial potential of the UAE market for the promotion and sale of organic food. Renowned for its exacting standards, the UAE market presents promising opportunities. EU organic food adheres rigorously to the elevated food production standards set by the European Union.

Which organic products are selected for promotion within the program?

Our focus centers on products primarily derived from natural processes. Plant-based products are obtained without the use of chemical pesticides, growth-promoting chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, or genetic engineering techniques. They are free from artificial flavorings and aromas. Organic meat, eggs, and dairy products are sourced from animals nurtured in their native habitats and exclusively fed organic diets. Antibiotics, growth hormones, and any by-products of animal origin are not used in their breeding.

What distinguishes these products from the EU amidst the rest?

As previously highlighted, the European Union has established stringent standards for organic production conditions. The EU certificates held by the products we are endorsing ensure their high quality – the quality anticipated by consumers in the United Arab Emirates.

What initiatives do you plan to embark upon within the scope of the project?

We will have a presence at the most prominent food expos in the UAE. Our strategies include implementing initiatives like a Restaurant Week, during which local eateries will craft dishes using the organic products we provide. Our primary objective is to elevate the visibility of European Union organic goods within the UAE and elevate consumer consciousness about organic food originating from the EU.