The first year of the "EU ORGANIC FOOD – GOOD CHOICE" programme

The first year of the “EU ORGANIC FOOD – GOOD CHOICE” programme has concluded! Not only is the UAE initiative going very well, but it’s full of events! We’ve already held a press conference for journalists, influencers and industry representatives, where we presented, among other things, our philosophy of eating organic. We also participated in the ABU DHABI INTERNATIONAL FOOD EXHIBITION and the MIDDLE EAST ORGANIC AND NATURAL PRODUCTS fair in Dubai, the UAE’s most influential organic produce fair.
Moreover, there are discussions with suppliers – our representatives have held more than 50 business meetings in the 12 months since the launch of the European Union’s organic promotion campaign. What can we expect next year? We’ll keep you updated!

Organic and natural foods from Poland at the Middle East Organic and Natural Products Expo in Dubai

The 21st edition of the Middle East Organic and Natural Products Expo was held in Dubai from December 12-14, 2023. The expo is the largest business event in the Middle East, which this time brought together more than 300 producers and suppliers of organic and natural products from 65 countries to showcase their products related to the themes of healthy living, ecology and sustainability.

This year’s edition was attended by more than 12,000 people from various industries, including Horeca, importers, distributors, grocery chains, organic stores and food bloggers.

The focus for 2023 was on five key categories: food and beverage, beauty and cosmetics, health and wellness, agriculture and environment, and sustainable lifestyles.
The three-day fair featured a number of events, including the Organic and Natural Conference, where industry experts discussed the latest trends, product certification, export and sales strategies. Presentations were accompanied by cooking demonstrations in the Organic Super Kitchen and makeovers in the Organic Beauty Corner, as well as side events – the Tea & Coffee Pavilion and the Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Conference and Expo.

During the fair, European organic products were promoted as part of the “EU Organic Food – Good Choice” campaign. Among the exhibitors were producers from Poland, who presented their products, such as fruits, vegetables, honey, meat and dairy products, distinguished by their high quality and attention to sustainability.

The Middle East Organic and Natural Products Expo is not only a three-day event, but also an online platform, Arabian Organics, which serves as a central portal for all those interested in organic and natural products. More than 35,000 users have already registered on it and use it throughout the year.

The organizers have already announced the next edition of the expo, which will be held on November 18-20, 2024 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The Middle East Organic and Natural Products Expo is one of the most important business events in the region, focusing exclusively on organic and natural products. The fair is held under the auspices of the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and has been bringing suppliers and buyers together for 21 years.

The consumption of organic food in the Middle East has already become an enduring trend. Dubai, located between Asia, Africa and Europe, is a gateway to the global market. In 2021, the market for packaged organic products in the Middle East and Africa region was worth $820 million. The market is growing by 7% per year and is expected to reach $1 billion by 2026.  

Polish Organic Food at Abu Dhabi International Food Exhibition (ADIFE).

The ADIFE international food fair took place in Abu Dhabi from November 27-30. During the event, Polish organic food producers presented their products as part of the project “Organic food from the EU – a good choice”, co-financed by European Union funds.

The ADIFE fair was an excellent opportunity to present a diverse group of organic food products from Poland. These are products grown and processed with care for the environment, respecting water resources, soil, biodiversity and the welfare of livestock. Their production does not use chemical protectants, artificial fertilizers, growth stimulants or genetic modification techniques.
“By choosing European organic food, consumers not only receive products that taste delicious, but just as importantly, they are assured that they are consuming safe foods. The European Union has set high standards for organic production. The EU certificates that the products we promote have are a guarantee of their highest quality – the quality that consumers in the United Arab Emirates expect,” says Pawel Krajmas, President of the All-Poland Association of Processors and Producers of Organic Products “Polska Ekologia.”

Organic food - it's worth it

Nowadays, more and more consumers are becoming aware of the impact of their choices on the environment and their own health. This awareness is leading to increased interest in organic products that carry the relevant quality labels. Offering the reassurance that food has been produced with respect for the environment and meets strict production standards, eco-products have become a common choice for those who aspire to a sustainable and responsible lifestyle. In this article, we will look at the advantages of eco-products as being controlled at every stage ‘from field to table’ and the certification process that underpins this guaranteed quality chain.

Interview with the President of POLSKA EKOLOGIA

An Interview with Paweł Krajmas, President of ‘POLSKA EKOLOGIA’ – the Association of Polish Organic Food Producers and Processors, executing the project ‘Organic Food from the EU – A Good Choice’. The campaign, which started in March 2023 in the United Arab Emirates, is expected to last three years.
What does the ‘POLSKA EKOLOGIA’ association entail?
‘POLSKA EKOLOGIA’, known officially as the Association of Polish Organic Food Producers and Processors, was established in 2006. The association gathers producers who have embarked on the production of food from organic materials, convinced that these products are more valuable for humans.
Our association operates across the entire expanse of Poland, and it currently holds the distinction of being the largest organization within its sector in the country. Our membership includes a diverse array of producers and processors operating across various agri-food sectors, encompassing milk and dairy products, pork and beef, as well as their derivatives, poultry and its associated products, cereals and cereal products, and an assortment of fruits and vegetables along with their processed variants.
What was the rationale behind launching the EU’s project for promoting eco-food products in the UAE? What goal does it aim to achieve?
The initiation of the project to promote EU eco-food products in the UAE is grounded in our belief in the substantial potential of the UAE market for the promotion and sale of organic food. Renowned for its exacting standards, the UAE market presents promising opportunities. EU organic food adheres rigorously to the elevated food production standards set by the European Union.

Innovations in organic agricultural production

Innovation plays a key role in shaping the future of sustainable agriculture. Here are some examples of such solutions:
These innovations not only contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of organic agricultural production, but also help farmers adapt to changing climatic conditions and market challenges.

Requirements for organic product certification

Organic certification indicates that a product has been produced according to organic production principles and standards. To be certified, a product must meet certain requirements. Here are some of them:
Meeting these requirements allows for organic certification to be awarded, which gives consumers confidence that the product meets high standards of organic production.


The European „farm-to-fork” strategy is about working towards a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system. The strategy was developed in response to the environmental threats posed by increasing industrialisation and the use of increasingly efficient technologies in agricultural production. Loss of soil fertility, water and air pollution and threats to the biodiversity of ecosystems have necessitated radical action to ensure food security in an environmentally sustainable manner.
The overarching goal of the „farm-to-fork” strategy is to ensure that all Europeans have continuous access to sufficient, nutritious, sustainable and healthy food by moving towards sustainable food systems, among other things by:

Did you know that the EU organic product logo…

… was created by combining two symbols: the European flag and a leaf symbolising nature and sustainability,
… was introduced by European Commission Regulation No 271/2010 of 24 March 2010,
… may only be displayed on products that comply with the European Union’s legal provisions on organic farming.
Why is the EU organic logo on the packaging a guarantee that the product is organic?
EU ORGANIC FOOD – GOOD CHOICE reaching the hands of the consumer is the result of controlled production, transport and storage processes, is safe and of high quality.

We have started!

Welcome to the website of the promotional and information campaign “EU ORGANIC FOOD – GOOD CHOICE”. Our association, called POLSKA EKOLOGIA, has been active for seventeen years and brings together producers of food made from organic raw materials. Everything we do is driven by the belief that organic food is more valuable to humans and is produced in a sustainable and environmentally safe way.

We cordially invite you to join us on a journey through the tastes of organic food from the European Union!

We will soon get to know each other better on social media. We will meet at markets, restaurants, retail outlets and even… on the streets.

See you soon!