Organic products from the European Union guarantee high quality standards and natural taste.

Association of Polish Organic Food Producers and Processors “POLSKA EKOLOGIA” is running a promotional and informational campaign “EU ORGANIC FOOD – GOOD CHOICE” aimed at the market of the United Arab Emirates covering products from organic agriculture of the European Union.

Implementation of the “EU ORGANIC FOOD - GOOD CHOICE” project in the UAE market started on 1 March 2023 and will last until 28 February 2026.

The information and promotional campaign is aimed at:

The project will promote awareness of the EU quality system for organic production methods and its main messages are:

to reassure consumers about the high quality and characteristics of organic products, as well as the sustainability of production methods and environmental benefits, by presenting information on the EU quality scheme for organic production methods;
to demonstrate the health-promoting properties of organic products from the European Union, highlighting their rich nutritional composition;
highlighting the high quality of organic products from the European Union, particularly with regard to food safety;
to present eating organic products as a lifestyle in line with modern trends based on an awareness of the benefits of a balanced diet and an active lifestyle;
conviction that a balanced diet has a direct bearing on well-being, eating organic produce is synonymous with looking after oneself.

Numerous activities planned during the campaign will include:

participation in trade fairs such as Gulfood, Middle East Organic and Natural Products and Abu Dhabi International Food Exhibition;
study tour – we will show our potential business partners directly the standards of organic production in the European Union;
restaurant weeks – the introduction of dishes based on organic, EU-sourced produce to restaurant menus preceded by small events with local opinion leaders, influencers, media representatives, as well as HORECA employees and potential customers;
point-of-sale promotions to enable tasting and attractive presentation of the range of organic products from the European Union.