We grow our fields with natural methods, without artificial fertilisers or GMOs.

Association of Polish Organic Food Producers and Processors “POLSKA EKOLOGIA” is running a promotional and informational campaign “EU ORGANIC FOOD – GOOD CHOICE” aimed at the market of the United Arab Emirates covering products from organic agriculture of the European Union.

Organic products from the European Union guarantee high quality standards and natural taste.

The EU organic production logo gives EU organic products a consistent visual identity. It makes it easier for consumers to recognise organic products and helps farmers to market them across the EU.

It only appears on products that have been certified as organic by an authorised certification body or control authority. Such products must meet strict conditions regarding the production methods, processing, transport and storage. The logo can only be affixed to products that contain at least 95% organic ingredients and additionally meet other strict conditions for the remaining 5% of ingredients. The same ingredient cannot be present simultaneously in organic and non-organic forms.

Association of Polish Organic Food Producers and Processors "POLSKA EKOLOGIA" was founded in 2006 and brings together producers who have taken up the production of food from organic raw materials with the conviction that these products are more valuable to humans.

The association is present across the whole country with its activities and is currently the largest, most extensive and most significant organisation in its sector in Poland.

Its members include producers and processors of organic products in the following agri-food sectors: milk and dairy products, pork, beef and beef products, poultry and poultry products, cereals and cereal products, fruit and vegetables and fruit and vegetable products.

What is organic food?

Organic foods are products grown and processed in an environmentally safe way.

Plant-derived products are obtained without the use of chemical protection products, without chemical growth accelerators, without synthetic fertilisers and without genetic engineering techniques. They are free of artificial flavours and aromas.

Organic meat, eggs, and dairy products must come from animals reared in their natural habitat and fed exclusively with organic feed. No antibiotics or any animal by-products are used in breeding.

The promotional and information campaign “EU ORGANIC FOOD - GOOD CHOICE” targets the UAE market and covers products from European Union organic agriculture, including:

The promotional scheme covers products with the required European Union certification in accordance with Regulation 834/2007.